There is nothing quite so rich and safe as a loving and mutually respective relationship. When we are able to be together in silence and still feel connected, as well as talk about and share our thoughts, joys and fears without shame or fear of retribution ,we are better equipped to handle any 'bumps in the road' that may come our way. 

However, when things are not right in a relationship it can be a very lonely and upsetting experience. If one or both no longer feel listened to, or fear what might happen if they really say how they feel, any  bump in the road, small or big, may feel impassable. 

It is often the unknown and unsaid in a relationship that keeps us from connecting and overcoming problems that arise. Seeing a counsellor as a couple can help you find new ways to not only listen to each other and share your thoughts, but also find out more about yourselves in the presence of the                  
                                                                      other. This journey of shared discovery can be a powerful tool to strengthen the foundations of your relationship.